Frequently Asked Questions

Vigoplace integrates all of your personal, business and online interaction needs into one simple user-friendly application..

Once a user has signed up on the platform, they have access to create more places from their profile screen.

Every user who has a wallet on the app can go ahead to create various types of posts such as contests,gifts etc. Users can pay for these posts to be accessible by them..

At the moment one can create any number of susidiary accounts on their main profile..

You can activate your wallet by visiting the timeline and clicking the icon on the top right. Next, click the plus icon on the top right,select a currency and activate it..

You can turn on/off comments/likes on your post by visiting the post and clicking on the hamburger for that post.

You can block other users by visiting their profile and clicking on the block button or by going to your list of following/followers. Search their names and slide to the right, then click block

You can report a post by clicking on the hamburger for that post, select report,enter category and description and submit..